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01/07/2009 01:34:28
Re: Request for Increment

I am nurse and I been working at this Hospital more than 10 years. I am already consider senior staff and I have Diploma in Nursing. My experienced and knowledge about my work is equal with other degree holder staff but my salary is below average. My work also more than other staff that have more salary than me (Degree Holder).

I am realy not satisfied with the management department when I refer my cases to them when I am request to have increment on my salary. Till todate they have yet increase my salary due to my task, my experienced and my salary is consider under the market value.

What can I do about this? Any advice?

Thank you.
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KL Siew
01/07/2009 09:44:48
Nurses especially experienced ones are in great demand, aren't they? Venture out if I were out.
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