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30/06/2009 20:23:25
Re: OT & threaten statement from manager


Iím working as an audit cum tax assistant and Iím facing a few problems with my company.

Situation 1 :

On 24.06.2009 (Wed), my boss request me to work on 27.06.09 (Sat) but I refuse to do so as Iíd already made an appointment with my friend. Then heís furious about me and told me that I should reconsider whether Iím suitable in this industry or not as I canít work on weekend. Then we agreed that Iíll come in early to the office in the morning around 8 am to 8.30 am and also work later than the others until around 7 pm. Is it considered as OVERTIME? If it so, Iím only being paid RM 5 for meal allowance (basic salary RM 1,600), can I report to the authorities?

Situation 2 :

As now is the peak period of auditing, we have plenty of cases to be done. My boss refuses to pay my colleague OT for working on Saturdays and ask her instead to work later a bit after working hours in order to save cost. In addition, my colleague was threatened by my manager with a statement:íwhoever leaves the office at sharp 6pm will be firedí. Are we liable to stay back after working hour? If yes, under what condition we should be staying and what paid we are entitled? Are we considered as under performing and can be laid off by our employer with the reason of not staying back?

Please advice & thank you.
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KL Siew
30/06/2009 20:36:24
First, boss's instructions should be followed. Secondly, when it comes to payment for the extra hours of work, that is a different matter. What you people should do is to keep proper records of the extra hours of work. Things like time cards should be properly kept as these may be useful as evidence one day. At the end of the month, you will put in claims for overtime or whatever. If you boss does not want to pay then the fault is on him and it will easier for you to complain to the authority.
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