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28/06/2009 23:14:25
Re: Victimisation?


I would like to know if I have been victimised by my employer. Last month, I was notified by my supervisor that I have been released from the project I was working and the reason was manpower optimisation. But, my work was replaced by another colleague in another country (HQ). My job for the project covers Asia Pacific region, but I'm based in M'sia. My supervisor told me the company will find other project for me to do. After two weeks from my project released, I was told by HR there is no other project for me to do, locally. According to employment letter, the company is a global service provider they can relocate us anywhere and if we decline we are subject to termination.

Please advice.

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KL Siew
29/06/2009 09:11:14
I don;t think there is much you can do at this moment. It is not easy to think of it as a form constructive dismissal. Why not drop in the Industrial Relations Department and have a chat with one of the senior officers there about your problems?
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29/06/2009 09:57:09
Ok. Will take your advice to consult IR. Thanks.
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