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26/06/2009 02:18:23
Re: wages deduction due to non performing

can an employee salary be deducted due to his/her non performing and the defect was not reporting to his superior until company received complaint from customer due to non conformence product and goods return from customer. rm200 per employee for 3 employees.
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KL Siew
26/06/2009 09:17:53
I don't think so. The employees concerned should complain to the Labour Department.
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12/12/2016 20:00:10
I work this company without basic salary and no any benefits just only comision 25% and if we late come to work she deduct our salary 50rm per hour, i take leaved for holiday she ddint give my salary she said when i cameback she give my salary, but the day my friend stop working because angry for late deduction my boss promise her to give her back the money she deduct if she comeback to work ,but shes lier she ddint give the money to my friend, do you think this is the right things to disipline her staff, please reply
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