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25/06/2009 09:43:18
Re: Resignation ( Urgent Responce Needed )

Hi, I would like ask this :

I join this company now I'm working Sept 2006 as supervisor and was confirmed after probotion.And then 2008 they promoted me as M.Controller with letter stating my increment and my probotion time which is 6 month.But till now I have not been confirmed to my current post.

Now I'm leaving this company.Can I gave them 24hours notice as my new company want me to join them in 6days time.

Please help me on this.Your assistant is mush apperciated.

Thanks In Advance.
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KL Siew
25/06/2009 09:47:22
You have to give notice according to what was stated in the contractor of service or pay salary in lieu.
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