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24/06/2009 23:12:46
Re: information...urgent

hai...we r running a kindergarten by own..8 month ago a lady came for work as kindy teacher.we never give any contract papers or letters to her since she say wanted to work not permenently...and suddently today she came and shouted that she wanted to quit and forced me to pay the salary till today..and she say if i refuse she know where to report and how to take the salary frm a evidence working with us she only have salary voucher with a company chop(old name).and for your kind information i just took over the k.garten 1 week ago and changed the name(new name).so in what way she can complain and create problems...and what should i do. anybody pls help me...tq
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KL Siew
25/06/2009 08:37:26
If she wants to quit there is nothing you can do about it. Better get her to give a resignation letter. Let her complain if she wants to. As to who is the actual employer, that will be a question to be decided by the authority.
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