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Joanne loke
24/06/2009 17:31:34
Re: Confirmation Letter and Annual & MC Leave

1. Confirmation Letter

I didn't received any confirmation letter after 3 months probation per
as stated in the Appointment letter.
Is this consider as confirm automatic by company. Since I don't have
black and white letter, what should I do? I have ask the manager but
the company have this practise not to give confimation letter. Do the
company have the right?

2. Annual & MC Leave

I was deducted in my salary due to annual & MC leave during
probation period. But as stated in the Appointment letter, staff under
probation shall be pro-rated. But I don't understand why deduct my

Pls. advise


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KL Siew
24/06/2009 17:44:20
If may be OK to deduct your salary for annual leave but not for your sick leave. You may complain to the Labour Department.
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Joanne Yem
26/06/2009 09:22:47
Hi Siew

TQ for the reply. What about the confirmation letter that I mentioned?

What should I do?

Pls. advise.

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KL Siew
27/06/2009 08:34:34
It is up to them to give you a confirmation letter or not. Just carry on working as usual.
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