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24/06/2009 14:40:47
Re: call back allowance

i have a staff claiming for the allowance as stated on our company employee handbook, but the management declined the claim, according to them he is not entitle for the claim due to his position.

-my technician went for outstation official work as per my instruction as his immediate superior.
-Executive level, grade D3
-our working hour is from 8:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.
-he rendered service to our customers untill 10 p.m.
-it was properly documented based on our customers receipt.
-he is claiming for the call back allowance of RM20.00 as stated on handbook table.

handbook content:
statement: Call back allowance is only applicable to employees who are under the management grade (i.e. exec and managerial level)and/or certain identified employees who are:

(iii) not entitled/claiming overtime on work performed outside an emplyee's normal work period and is not continuous to or an extension of the normal work period.

***stated on the table

D1 to D3, normal working day (4 hours and below of continuous work)-RM 20.00
D1 to D3, normal working day (more than 4 hours of continuous work)-RM 40.00

can he be entitle for the claim base on this clause?


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KL Siew
24/06/2009 17:41:31
I don't know. For me, I would have paid the RM20 from my own pocket instead of arguing with the kiasu management and make sure they agree to pay before instructing the staff to do the same thing again.
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24/06/2009 21:53:44
thanks for ur comment :-)) than remarks made me laughed it eases my tension fighting the management for my staff...actually they want me to convice my staff to accept the down-grade proposal as in "self-demotion" so that he can claim overtime..i told d management direct they should not attemp to do may fall on constructive termination...anyway that RM20 shall be considered as donation for those brilliant management of mine :-)

more power to you Mr. Siew
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