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23/06/2009 11:37:33
Re: Annual Leave Confusion

Hi, I would like to get some advice on my annual leave entitlement.
I started work on the 23rd June 2008 and its been already one year, In my contract it states that i am entitled 16 working days paid leave per annum upon confirmation of service as they are earned. What does this mean? As i am getting leave from month to month and how is it playing by the law. I am earning more then 1.5k. Also Am i entitled for paid maternity leave? thanks
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KL Siew
23/06/2009 15:08:01
As your salary is over 1.5K, you are not covered by the Employment Act. So, the terms and conditions in the contract of service about such matters like salary, annual leave, sick leave, maternity leave, rest days, working hours and so on are the "law". Do you have those terms and conditions clearly stated in your contract of service? If not, high time to clarify with your employer.
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