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Jia Yin
21/01/2009 16:50:46
Re: Resignee's Expenses Claims

Dear Mr Siew

We issued acceptance of resignation letter to a resignee. In our letter, it was stated :
"The Company has agreed to pay you three (3) months’ salary as full and final settlement of your case. You will have no further claims whatsoever hereafter against the Company in respect of your employment or non-employment with the Company"

The resignee has also signed and declared that "I hereby agree to accept the above payment and confirm I have no claims whatsoever against the company."

After a month, he submitted an expenses claim incurred during his employment with us. Based on our letter issued to him, can the employer reject his claims? Thank you for your advice, Mr Siew.
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KL Siew
21/01/2009 18:12:42
I think it would be better for you to refer the your company legal advisor
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