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23/06/2009 11:24:23
Re: Accused failed to turn up after DI and after suspension end

Dear Mr Siew

A DI was conducted and the Accused was suspended until 21 June. During the DI, the PO told the Accused that he have to come back to the office to get the result of the DI. The Accused failed to turn up and also failed to call the PO. Subsequently, the PO called the Accused and the Accused said that his car broke down and he said he will come today (ie 23 June). He again failed to call and failed to turn up.

The Accused is due for confirmation this Friday.


1) Should the PO call him again to come and get the result ?
2) Can the Company terminate him under Sec 15(2) if he dont turn up
by Thursday ?
3) Do we still have to serve him with the DI result no matter what ?]
4) Can we punish him by suspend for 3 days without pay and then
dont confirm him ? Do you consider this as double punishment ?

Thank you


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KL Siew
23/06/2009 14:57:58
Actually, what was the outcome of the DI? Do you mean after the DI, he was suspended until 21 June as punishment under Section 14(1)(c)?
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23/06/2009 15:37:17
He was suspended from 8 Jun to 21 June. 2009. He is suppose to report back to work on 22 June. DI found him guilty becuase he initiated the fight
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KL Siew
23/06/2009 16:13:53
If he did not turn up for work after the suspension, that is a different matter. You may take action under Section 15(2) if you want to.
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