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22/06/2009 16:25:07
Re: Tender resignation but ask to leave before the notice given.

I already tendered my resignation letter on 01/06/09 with 2 month notice.
But on 22/06/09 my boss ask me to leave immediately. He promises to pay me full amount of my salary for the month of June.

So is it my boss action against the law?
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KL Siew
22/06/2009 16:39:31
In your contract of service, if your agreed notice period for termination of service is two months, then he should pay for July salary also.
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24/06/2009 13:58:34
i have the same situation as well. i start working on 1/5/2009, but resign on 15/6/2009. as per my letter of offer, notice to resignation is 3 months. and my letter of appointment, i have no probation and staraight away confirm as permaanent staff. but, im willing to serve the less 2 and half month, but my boss ask me to leave immediately without paying the half month salary. and in this letter of offer do mentioned entitled the annual leave immediate after work. not service after 12 months. but my boss ask me to leave immediately.

my boss say is convenince for me and him.

thne i leave without nothing. keke.. so pity, right?? i duno wat to do.. i thought is my fault and do not claim form my boss.
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KL Siew
25/06/2009 09:45:06
Both of you can complain to the Labour Department.
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