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20/06/2009 02:17:16
Re: work for few days in new co but need to give 1 month notice

I start work in a company for 5 days and found job not suitable for me. when i told hr i want to resign, i was inform i had to give one month notice(work for 1 month) or pay 1 month pay to company. i check and it is stated in letter of offer. do i have to pay the company??
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KL Siew
20/06/2009 12:07:13
You either give one month notice or pay one month salary to resign immediately.
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23/06/2009 21:02:57
i start work in a company for 2days and it is because of i have to work on night shift and i do not have transportation to get home from the drop off point that the company provided the transportation so i decided to quit. i already summit the resign letter, and then they want me to attend the training for a month even one month later i will not be in the company ? the training suppose to be in 3months , and my offer letter stated that i should report myself on a certain date to the company, but i started a week earlier than the date stated in the offer letter .

so they claim that i either have to work another 1month then only can go, or else have to pay them one month salary.

in this case , i start earlier from which state in the offer letter , should i follow the rules in the offer letter to give them 1month notice even i only be there for 2 days ? is this according to labour law ?
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