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19/06/2009 22:21:26
Re: Clarification on OT and working hour for foreign worker

I would like to find out if foreign workers are protected under the same labour law in Malaysia. My friend is offered to work in a local 3 stars hotel as a restaurant manager. And according to his superior he is suppose to get RM1500 for the 1st month to see his performance and to decide if he will be employed. Upon confirmation, he will be given a new agreement. Its another few days to a month and now he was told that RM1500 is "high" and he might be getting that pay. As a restaurant manager, he has to work at least 8 hours a day and when theres function he might even need to work for 12 to 18 hours a day. And he was told that he is not entitled for any OT as he is under manager rank. Lastly, the foreign workers in this hotel are not given any offday, so he was told that he can hv one day off in a month as he is the "manager". FYI, local workers there hv 1 day off weekly and head of departments are having 2 days off. I think all the foreign workers there are being descriminated ! Can Msia labour law protect them ? Pls advise. THANKS.
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KL Siew
20/06/2009 12:05:19
The Employment Act is applicable to both local and foreign workers. You may advise your friend to complain to the Labour Department. Looks like he has got a raw deal .
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