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19/06/2009 12:46:00
Re: OT

If i am scheduled to do OT and when the time comes up where i was unable to do the OT...and the Employer request that i provide proof of why im unable to do the OT. Do i have to provide proof same as if im on MC.

Please advise
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KL Siew
19/06/2009 14:41:02
The MC from the doctor should be the proof, don't you have it?
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22/06/2009 21:49:50
hai,im an account assisstant at company .im start working there few months only.can i know how to calculate overtime(ot)?usually our company calculate ot:example rm1000(basic)/30 days and that amount dived by 8 hrs.i think is not correct method to calculate ot.i need to know the proper way to calculate ot.kindly pls reply me.thanks a lot.
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