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18/06/2009 10:04:34
Re: Suspension

hi, i was recently suspended for a week pending the DI due to a minor mistake which wasnt really under my job scope. a piece of goods was sent extra from the actual DO but sent to the right customer and the right location only ahead of schedule. i do not see the need for immediate suspension. my salary is above RM1500 and they have also stated that they will deduct my salary by 1/2 during the period of suspension.please advise.
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KL Siew
18/06/2009 12:35:05
It is in accordance with Section 14(2) of the Employment Act.

14(2) For the purposes of an inquiry under subsection (1), the employer may suspend the employee from work for a period not exceeding two weeks but shall pay him not less than half of his wages for such period;

Provided that if the inquiry does not disclose any misconduct on the part of the employee the employer shall forthwith restore to the employee the full amount of wages so withheld.
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