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18/06/2009 08:27:17
Re: Annual leave

I have been working in a hospital for 2 years now and the management had just revised the annual leaves.They have introduced 'earned leave' which means you get for what you work for. Say if you resign in June, are you still entitled for a full year's worth of annual leave e.g 15 days instead of the prorated 7 days?
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KL Siew
18/06/2009 12:31:28
A better deal, isn't it?
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19/06/2009 17:00:08
If you're on earned leave, you do not get all 15 days if you resign in June because you haven't earned it yet.

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19/06/2009 14:23:11
haha..better apply for gov job.more peace n better future
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