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17/06/2009 14:26:43
Re: Hospitalisation different from MC, right?

Hi, my wife works at a kindergarten and was recently warded at the government hospital and duly given 4 days of hospitalisation leave by the ward doctor. Her boss says to her that there is no such thing as hospitalisation leave. Can you clarify whether her boss is correct and define what is hospitalisation leave and the relevant act? Thanks in advance.

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KL Siew
17/06/2009 15:11:24
If her boss deducted salary for the 4 days in hospital, your wife can complain to the Labour Office.
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17/06/2009 15:37:28
Hi Siew, Thanks for your speedy response. I think the boss is just acting silly. My wife will show her the employment act. Appreciate your kind help on this matter. Regards, Jinosan.
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01/07/2009 10:41:58
thats rite.. just want to share.

my situation:
>hospitalisation - medical leave 5weeks

>1st week warded - surgery.
>2nd and 3rd week hospital mc (not clinic)
>4th week warded - 2nd surgery
>5th week hospital mc

1. how many days for hospitalisation leave? is it 2 months?
2. if more than 2 months, what will happen? unpaid or deduction or none?
3. when we submit mc to the boss, what else need to give them? doctors letter or hospital billed?
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