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16/06/2009 23:04:30
Re: Appraisal

Do we have the right not to sign the Appraisal form?

I have just gone through a 6 months probation Appraisal with my company.

I found that the reasons for extending my probation period were very unreasonable.

When i feed back, my Superior refuse to hand over the appraisal form to HQ and said that i was giving her a lot of trouble.

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KL Siew
17/06/2009 09:33:35
If you don't want to sign it, no one can force you to do so. But if you hope to continue to make a living there happily, sign it and change your attitude, try to fit in.
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19/06/2009 17:03:02
With such a scenario, you are projecting a negative image and your relationship with your superior has suffered.

Think carefully about your future in this company.
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