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16/06/2009 22:47:18
Re: Threaten by Superior

Hi, I was threaten by my direct superior for 3 times since I joint the company.

I have been with this company for 7 months and my superior had threaten to terminate / not giving confirmation if I do not manage to to hit company's monthly sales target.

The problem is, they set the monthly target verbally and kept changing it. Everytime i hit the target, they will say that the target is higher than what i had acchive, and i was being threaten that if i don't follow, they will issue a warning letter.

Can i take any action if they are being unreasonable?

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16/06/2009 22:51:00
I would also like to know whether they have the right to do such thing on employee and is there any law protecting us on this?

I have all my monthly Sales Report printed out and i even have a recording on my superior threating to terminate me by month end.
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30/06/2009 16:36:38
You have to think twice whether it is worth to work with this company? Being threaten and never appreciate what you have done. If you are really good in doing sales, i think it is easy for you to get job in other company, am i right?
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