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16/06/2009 16:57:46
Re: I received a retrenchment letter, but with condition....

I received a retrenchment letter, but with condition....

conditions are:

i understand and agreed he termination notice given by the Company. I confirm that i have no claim against the company in respect of salary and compensation.



this is the condition stated.

if i refuse to sign or disagree with the 1 month compensation, they assume that i will need to stay in the company with different position, different scope of work. ( which i dont want to stay).

i have working with the company for 13 years
should i sign the letter?

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KL Siew
16/06/2009 17:21:33
I think it would be better for you to bring along the retrenchment letter to the Industrial Relations Department and seek advice from the IR officer there. The officer may be able to advise you if you are getting a fair deal.
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