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02/01/2009 18:55:54
Re: notice period and annual leave

I would like to tender my resignation to the company. According to the appointment letter, I need to give 2 months notice period to the company.
I have around 10 days annual leave, and I would like to apply the leaves so that I can leave after 1.5 months.

Is it OK if I "use" my leave in this case? How about my employer does not approve my leave? Thanks.
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KL Siew
02/01/2009 19:31:06
You should submit your leave application early and try to work everything out before you go. If they cannot approve your leave for some reasons they have to pay for your leave.
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02/01/2009 19:51:06
Thanks for your prompt reply.
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19/03/2009 18:09:39
I encountered similar situation now. My employer do not want to let me go earlier. They insist wanted me to serve full two months notice and pay for my leave (13 days in total). I really hope to leave asap..May i choose not to accept this? Is there any law that we can refer?
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Mazliffah Ismail
01/07/2010 15:16:03

I have a new staff where he started work only for 3 days and after that he resigned where i think he resigned due to he mis used his information where the info given is untrue, to let co hire him.
due to this, he want to report to labor office.


1)Can we treat him as casual/temporary staff even in his offer letter stated as permanant?

2)We pay his salary w/o epf dd and exclude from our payrol to avoid any problem come from labor office?

3)What should I do?

4) Please advice..
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