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16/06/2009 13:57:27
Re: OT


Need your advise on the followings:

We are 5 days work a week, Normal shift staff working from Mon to Fri, 9am to 6pm.
If work on Sat & Sun or Public Holidays, will pay OT rate at 2.0 {(salary/26x8) x 2.0 x OT hours}. If a PHD fall on Sat, he will be replaced AL.
OT paid at 1.5 for normal weekdays.

Question: OT rate at 2.0 on Sat & Sun and PHD is it valid?

For shift workers, they work 8 hrs a day for 5 days in a week. A shift worker works on Wed, Thurs, Sun, Mon & Tues, Rest Days on Fri & Sat.

1. Saturday is PHD, normal staff will be given AL for replacement. Will the shift worker also entitle for the replacement of AL?
2. If he work on Sat (rest day + PHD), how is the OT calculation? Entitle for the replacement of AL?
3. If a shift worker normal working day fall on Sat, will he entitle for the replacement of AL?
4. He worked OT on Fri, paid him OT rate at 1.5. Is it correct?

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KL Siew
16/06/2009 16:38:44
I think I would like you to tell us what you are doing now in those situations and why, so that I will know whether you are doing the right thing or not.
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16/06/2009 17:09:44

Unfortunately, the mentioned above are my company current practise.

1. My company is being so nice to replace of the AL when PHD fall on Sat. OT paid at 2.0 on Sat & Sun ( but no x3.0 if PHD).
2. No replacement for shift worker at this moment if PHD fall on their Rest Day.
3. If shift worker work on Sat ( rest day + PHD), OT 2.0 will be paid no matter how many hours.
4. No replacement for shift worker if PHD fall on Sat.
5. If shift worker work on their Rest Days, OT x 1.5 will be paid to them.

It might be something wrong, but Superior commented just follow the previous calculation.

Please help me to look into it. Wrong? What should i do?

thanks so much!
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KL Siew
16/06/2009 17:55:18
You are talking about shift workers only. Are these shift workers also working on five-day week and get two rest days per week? Anyway, it shouldn't be too difficult, just follow what the non-shift workers are getting. The only thing is that their rest days are different unlike Saturdays and Sundays. Their rest days can be any day of the week like Mondays, Tuesdays..... Sundays. If you are really confused, I suggest you pay some visits to the nearby Labour Department to seek clarifications.
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16/06/2009 18:07:07
Thanks. Yes, all staff working on 5 days week & get 2 rest days per week. Did you mean same OT rate for all staff no matter shift or non- shift as long as our policy:
1. OT x 1.5 for working day (all staff)
2. OT x 2.0 for Rest Days & PHD(all staff)

My concerns, Is that mean the current OT rate are correct? As we didnt pay OT x 3.0 for PHD.

thank you.

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KL Siew
16/06/2009 20:04:00
Of course OT on PHD should be paid 3x hourly rate. Point out the relevant section of the EA to your superior so that he wont turn around to blame you for not knowing your work should you have problems with the Labour Office.
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17/06/2009 08:49:40
Noted with many thanks.
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