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16/06/2009 11:58:45
Re: Transffered

I have been transferred from one company to another 'sister' company. The company i'm same position. The boss and management are d same, but they didnt give me the new appointment letter. the 1st company need i given 2month notice. am i should be follow??Appreciated if you reply me soon. Thank you.
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KL Siew
16/06/2009 16:19:13
I am not very happy about their asking you to give 2 months notice while they are not giving you a new appointment. Talk to your big boss and ask him to tell that 'sister' company to give you a new appointment with fully details of the terms and conditions of service. I can only advise you to be careful about it, but still, you are the one who knows the real situation better.
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16/06/2009 17:04:07
Thank you for your advise. I transfer to sister company already half year already. Last time i request from company, but until they still not yet reply me. If i successful required for new appointment letter from management, But the letter still mention 2months notice. I got not more choose to follow?
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KL Siew
16/06/2009 17:17:23
In that case, I think it is just formality for the old company to ask for the 2 months notice. You may well just give them a backdated 2 months notice for them to finalise your employment there.
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