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15/06/2009 17:06:17
Re: Convert Contract to Permanent Position

I am currently under contract. I applied for permanent position and HR gave me the confirmation letter. BUT, I believe that there should be an Acceptance Letter for me to sign, in order to agree their confirmation of the permanent position right?
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KL Siew
15/06/2009 17:59:10
A confirmation letter is OK as long as all the terms and conditions are stated and are acceptable to you. If you are happy with the offer, you may give them an acknowledgment if you want to.
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09/09/2009 15:24:05
IF I did not notify them and work for sometimes after I received the confirmation letter. Then, I suddenly send out a 24 hours notice (not based on the exact notice period I need to give) resign letter to HR and mentioned that HR did not follow to proper procedure to ask me to sign a proper acceptance letter.
What kind of action can be taken by HR?
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