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Jess Lee
15/06/2009 15:24:14
Re: If i work on Sunday/ Off Day

My monthly salary is RM1300.00, if i need to work on Sunday is my off day, how much overtime i can get it ?
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KL Siew
15/06/2009 17:41:24
You will only get 1300/26.
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Jess Lee
16/06/2009 16:01:57
Dear Sir,

Why OT only paid RM50.00 not double for Sunday ?
Shall be 1300/26x2 ?
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KL Siew
16/06/2009 18:01:46
Where did you get the information that it should be 1300/26x2 ?

Section 60 of the EA says:

".... (b) In the case of an employee employed on a monthly rate of pay who works on a rest day, he shall be paid for any period of work:

(i) which does not exceed half his normal hours of work, wages equivalent to half the ordinary rate of pay for work done on that day; or

(ii) which is more than half but which does not exceed his normal hours of work, one day's wages at the ordinary rate of pay for work done on that day. "
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27/07/2009 16:53:16
Dear Siew,

May I know, If company dont wan pay the OT (wages) for us, can we take as replacement leave? how many day i can get if:
1) Sunday
2) Public Holiday (e.g christmas, New Year .. Etc..)

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