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14/06/2009 21:11:26
Re: A (H1N1) Flu

I have just returned from Australia and has been asked by my employer to not go to work for 7 days. They said it's a new company policy (effective on the day of my return from Australia) for anyone come back from Australia to be house-bound and they will deduct my annual leave for the number of days of house-bound.

Isn't this unfair? I am agreeable to be house bound but shouldn't this be at the expense of the company? Where can i make the complaint?
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14/06/2009 21:13:02
I think it's not right for them to do so and it should be at company's expense..... anyone else care to share experience?
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KL Siew
15/06/2009 12:59:22
Were you on company business trip to Australia or on your own? Are you covered by the Employment Act (meaning salary not more than RM1500 per month)?
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18/06/2009 09:38:27
Dear Mr. Siew,

Is it means that if the trip is business trip, then will be at company expenses (is it consider medical leave)?

Thanks in advance.

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