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11/06/2009 18:56:56
Re: MC

if the staff is still under probation, he have another part-time job at outside. he take 2 days leave for part-time job and 3 day mc inconjunction. under probation do we need to grand him medical leave? and if he work part-time job outside and get sick, we also have to pay MC leave to him?
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KL Siew
11/06/2009 19:48:11
If he took the 2 days leave with your approval, then he could do with whatever he wanted to. Anyway, question him about that and make your stand clear to him. For the MC, he is entitled to it even though still under probation.
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16/06/2009 13:21:41
if the staff just 1 month with us, mc 1 week but not admited & 1-2 day in a week, just normal fever with clinic certificate. we can direct fire him or not? and the mc is it 14 days for prorate month of service?
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