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20/01/2009 17:02:39
Re: Taking leave under probation

I'm just started to work for a company 2 months ago and still under probation. I want to take annual leave from 28th to 30th but my HR told me it will be unpaid if I'm not being comfirmed yet and they will deduct my salary for 6 days because 1st of February is a public holiday too. They advise me to take on 28th and 29th but come back to work on the 30th. Do you have this kind of labour law where they can deduct 6 days of salary from me? Your help is much appreciated
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KL Siew
20/01/2009 18:17:11
I am not sure what is going on. I think if they only approve your unpaid leave for 28th and 29th, you better comply. Don't go on leave on 30th without approval. I presume they will deduct salary only for two days 28th and 29th if you comply, right?
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