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10/06/2009 12:14:07
Re: Salary keep on delay....


My company always delay our salary, should pay us on every beginning of the month, but they delay it again and again...from 7th day of the month, until last month 15th day the month only get my salary....this month until now I still didn't hear any news....what should I do?
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KL Siew
10/06/2009 13:52:49
Your company may be having financial problems. Anyway, the Labour Department is the place for you to seek advice.
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remain anonymous
14/06/2009 20:43:16
same case here, my company has been delaying May salary more than 14 days from the beginning of June (2 weeks time).

The business operator has informed "most probably, no guarantee" will pay me at the end of the month. That is a very high probability that I would not be paid at the end of the month if the financial situation is not improved.

Our company has already breached the contract of the employment. If I continue to work more days, the more the company could not afford to pay me back. Knowing of this fact, I intended to resign without serving my 1 month notice.

My question is, would they raise up this issue that I do not serve the 1 month notice? Does the company has the right to request me to compensate one month salary even though they have breached the law in the first place?
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