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James Koh
09/06/2009 17:07:59
Re: Transfer

The Company has transferred me from one location (HQ) to another location (Regional Office) under the same entity. This transfer was unilaterally done by the Company. As stated in the employee's manual, "the Company may transfer an employee without loss of rights and benefits from one post to another in the same grade or to another company within the group". Under law, can an employer transfer an employee without his/ her consent? What if I am not agreeable to the transfer? Would the transfer from HQ to Regional office be deemed as a loss of seniority, since I now will have a dotted-line reporting to HQ. From a personal designation perspective, there is no change in seniority, but it can been viewed as a loss in seniority from a reporting perspective.
Thank you.
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KL Siew
09/06/2009 17:14:06
That clause is quite clear to me, the company has the right to deploy its staff.
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