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09/06/2009 09:50:11
Re: leave issue

If A start worked on 01-04-2009, and he took leave on 26 april 2008 and 2july 2008.

So how should we calculate his leave?

3/12 * 8 = 2 days ? (means he could only take 2 days after july or before july 2008)

Is it means that within 2008, he can took 8 days?? although his months of service less than one year.

and until today (09-06-2009), does he entitle to get another 8 days AL ? as he already service for 1 year.
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09/06/2009 09:51:10
sorry, correction:

A start worked on 01-04-2008 **
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09/06/2009 09:56:28
As the calculation is as below

the employee would have 6 days AL because he is only worked for less than one year, my question is, his 6 days AL can only take after 2009 or within 2009?

If it can only take after 2010, then how if the employee wants to apply leave within 2009? Does he entitle to apply leave although he not yet worked for 1 year? and how many days can he apply?

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