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20/01/2009 15:12:23
Re: Employer reject give salary

Good day.

Below is my enquiry;-
1. Is that company have the auhotiry do not give full salary wihout given any notice?
2. If the staff already provide the terminated letter and given the 1 months notice as follow the offer letter. The last day was 29/11. If the staff just work til 27/11. Is that employer have the right do not give whole month salary?
3. If no, how to i fight back my salary?
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KL Siew
20/01/2009 15:17:39
Then the staff has to pay back the company 2 days salary.
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20/01/2009 15:22:22
means unpaid leave right?then how about the others working days...

Not only for the salary . The claim of staff company also don 1 to give back to the staff....

how should the staff going to do?
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KL Siew
20/01/2009 16:33:20
I think it would be better for the staff to make a complaint to the Labour Office.
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22/01/2009 14:41:37
If complaint to labour office how long it going to take?
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