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08/06/2009 12:57:40
Re: Early Relase from Notice Period

Dear Sirs,

I have been with my company since July 2007. I had tendered my resignation on the 27/03/2009. My notice period is 3 months from that date.

Mid April 2009 employers had given me acceptance of resignation and i have been working and still carrying out my tasks.

On the 8 May 2009 (Friday) i was unwell and had taken MC. When i came back to work on 11 May 09. Employer had asked me to sign early relase from notice period and told me that i wont get any compensation. he also informed me that my last day was 7th May 2009. On that friday 8/May/09 i had informed my employer that all my tasks had been done and that i was unwell she replied me with nasty sms's sayin i should be back.

On the 11 when employer asked to signed letter i told him that i need to see my lawyers to get advice because if emploeyrs ask me to go they should compensate me top of that i also had annual leaves which i had not taken.

I sent a letter saying that i do not agree to the early relase. there had been a few letters going back and fort between me and my employers but have denied all allegation which i put. my employers also told me that they had serious integrity and discipline issues with me on the 11 May 2009. from what i know i had never been given a warning letter on anything during my employment.

responding to my last letter they had only banked into my account 7 days of salary disregarding even my Mc.

I have all my correspondences and all the sms's from my employer. What upsets me most is i've been with them for almost 2 years, no bonuses, late hours, weekend work etc even on Mc we come, even our annual leaves they ask us change due to business deliverable.
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KL Siew
08/06/2009 13:11:19
You should approach the Labour Department see whether you could make a claim for your salary there.
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