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05/06/2009 11:15:02
Re: calculation of compesation (urgent!!)

1. I work at this company already 14 years, now this company is going to shut down by july. My basic salary is RM3800, fix allowance is RM 950.
2. Can I claim back the rest of my annual leave?
3. Can I claim back for this year bonus?
Please reply as soon as possible because we have a meeting this afternoon.
Thank you very much.
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KL Siew
05/06/2009 11:22:19
You are not covered by the Employment Act. You have to see what will be the offer by the company for such matters like compensation, annual leave balance, bonus and so on in view of your long service thre. You better touch on those matters when you meet. Should you face problems, you should seek help from the Industrial Relations Department. First, see what is the outcome of your meeting.
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