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05/06/2009 09:30:40
Re: Retrenchment issue

I have a problem in my current company whereby retrenchment activity will be happened soon.
For you information, this is the story.
The department having 40 peoples with the same skill sets but serving different client. Let say, 20 staffs serving company A and 20 staffs serving company B. Recently, client A decided to terminate the contract and giving our company 2 months notice. So company decided to have a round of retrenchment in the department. Since the retrenchment activity should be base on the LIPO practise across the same skill sets, it will probably affect most of the staffs that serving client B since most of the staffs there are quite new. But the current case is, company would like to keep all the staff that serving client B and just want to retrench the staff serving client A. Company is thinking all sort of alternative to bypass this LIPO practise by certain tricks to avoid the employee to sue the company if they didn't practise the LIPO acrross the same skills set.
My question is, can the company do this kind of stuff just to retain the staff they want to keep?
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KL Siew
05/06/2009 11:27:36
You may have to seek redress from the Industrial Relations Department once you received the retrenchment letter from the company.
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