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04/06/2009 16:02:01
Re: Termination under probabtion period

how long is the notice of termination under probabtion period if not mentioned in the offer letter? Thanks
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04/06/2009 17:08:43
Dear Abbie,

"It is easy to hire but very difficult to fire"
Only on the ground of misconduct that you can terminate a probationer i.e. after due inquiry.

The ingredients that you should have to terminate a probationer are:

~ you are required to conduct a job appraisal for the probationer and rated his/her performance at the end of the probation period. If he/she did not perfomance you are required to give written warning and some counseling for him/her to improve. At this point you cannot terminate but to extend the probation period.
~ you are required to accord the probationer sufficient opportunity to improve such on the job training and supervision. Appraise his/her performace
~ notwithstanding the above, if he/she failed to sufficiently improve his/her performance, you can terminate the probationer.

It is a long topic on probation.

Hope this answer to your querries.

Best regards
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04/06/2009 17:33:24
How if I am the employee? Thanks
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04/06/2009 22:09:17
If you are the employee, good and you were not given any counseling, training or any supervision, and your probational period not extended. Least but not less if you were also not given any fair written warning to improve your performance, you can claim unfair dismissal without just and excuse under Sec. 20 Industrial Relations Act 1967 for reinstatement at the nearest Industrial Relation Department, Ministry of Human Resource.

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05/06/2009 08:29:14
You should make the claim within 60 days from the date your probation period been terminated.

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