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04/06/2009 10:36:39
Re: confusing AL issue

Let say an employee who works not more than 2 years can have AL according to the formula (months of service)/12 x 8.

However, there is a said that an employee can only have the right to take AL after 12 months service..

SO, which one should we follow?

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04/06/2009 10:48:57
ALso, those whose salary are more than rm1500, which act and regulations should we refer?

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04/06/2009 14:10:53
Yup, that one stated in EA 60(e)1 "The employer shall grant and the employee shall take such leave not later than twelve months after the end of every twelve monthsd continuous service....." The word shall doesn't mean MUST and in this case please refer to your company policy or practice. Anything better than what EA 1955 or your Collective Agreement provide to the employee should be no issue.

Salary more than RM1500 - please refer to your company policy/practice.

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