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03/06/2009 21:42:57
Re: Public Holiday Calculation


My company is operating according to foreign schedules (UK) and therefor our public holidays are based on their public holidays.They said they will give us a replacement day for each day short when compared since UK have 8 days holidays and Malaysia have 17 . However when received my total leave chart they prorated the public holidays . I would understand that they pro-rate my annual leave as i have been employed for 4 months so far but to pro-rate the public holidays seems wrong , right ? Is this the correct way ?
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KL Siew
04/06/2009 08:24:26
Isn't your company registered in Malaysia as for example xxx Sdn Bhd? If you are employed by the xxx Sdn Bhd, you follow the Malaysian labour laws. But, be aware the Employment Act covers non manual employees with salary not more than RM1500. As such, if you are not covered, your 8 days public holidays basing on UK practice may be OK.
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