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03/06/2009 15:33:15
Re: Annual Leave

Hi, if i'm join company more than one year but still no confimation yet, may i entitlement for annual leave?
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Andrew S
03/06/2009 15:59:54
My opinion: Please refer back to your appointment letter. For some company, employees which still under probation are not entitle for annual leave. Others, it should be culculate from the date join. As you mentioned that you already join the company more than a year, I believe you should be confirmed by now and therefore entitle for full Annual Leave.
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03/06/2009 17:48:04
What is stated in your appoinment letter (T&C) for probationary period?

If your probationary period is 3 months and received no further written extension from employer, please ask your immediate superior.

FYI, there must be a distinction between confirm and under probation employee. Probationer should not get same benefits as per confirm employee i.e annual leave.
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