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02/06/2009 10:44:05
Re: Emergency leave

I have tendered my resignation ant last working day will be on 15 June 2009. However, yesterday i was on emergency leave and notify my superior via sms and today on medical leave notifying them through sms too. Can they sack me when I go back to work claimingthat they never received the sms
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Andrew S
02/06/2009 11:10:50
Based on my experience; despite you already submitted your notice, you are still entitle for emergency leave. SMS in my company is still valid as long the next day we submit the relevance supporting documentation such as flight ticket, police report and so on. Then the company will deduct from the balance of your annual leave (if you still have). If no, then the hr will deduct one day salary (basic/working day).

And for MC, you are still entitle as long you have the supporting mc cert. In the event you already exceed the limit for this year (for example 14 days/12 months x 6 months), then the hr probably will deduct one day salary.

They cannot sack you if you have all the supporting documents. Pls make sure you don't delete your text messages that you sent to your superior.
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03/06/2009 12:12:49
Strongly agree with Andrew
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03/06/2009 12:36:36
and if you have delete all the sms sent to them please ask a copy from your Telco provider
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