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01/06/2009 14:35:16
Re: resignation

i hv a staff tender a resignation letter on 30/05/09 with 1 mth notice but due to ecconomy crisis, mgmt ask him work untill 31/05/09. no 1 mth notice required. can the mgmt do that ?
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KL Siew
01/06/2009 19:40:58
Management is in fact sacking him without notice. The staff can file a claim for a month's pay as indemnity.
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Andrew S
02/06/2009 11:26:18
Ask your staff to check the employment letter. Some contract stated that the company only required 24hr notice , those still under probation. However, in sales department for some reason ussually the employee will be advice to tender 24 hours notice or at least 7 days.

I agreed with KL Siew, I guess that would be consider sacking without notice unless it agreed by both party. The HR will have to issue a letter and signed by both party.
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