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29/05/2009 22:55:42
Re: replacement off

Just wan to inquire something.

Currently a staff who is working on shift which 5 working days and 2 off day.

For the first off day will be called as OFF Day
And the second off day will be called rest day

Is let say the staff rest day fall on public is there any replace off day will be given ?
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KL Siew
30/05/2009 13:11:25
Yes, when a public holiday falls on a rest day, another day to be given as a replacement.
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30/05/2009 22:41:31
hi i m just wondering wat government can do if have company that not allow staff to wear tudung??bec i was one of them. i just decide to wear tudung bec going to get married....
pls help me out
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KL Siew
31/05/2009 08:47:09
Siti, consult the Labour Department.
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