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28/05/2009 21:07:37
Re: working hours

pls correct me if any mistake,

Employee act,
max working hours,
per week is 48 hours
per day is 9 hours,
5 hours continuous must have at least 30 min break.

so i want to ask does below working hours has follow the employee act??

Mon: 0830 hrs -1800hrs (break 1 hours)
compulsory OT: 1801hrs - 1900hrs

Sat : 0900 - 1300

there is no break on the continuous OT (but normally staff will take their dinner while working)

* my company does not paying the staff instead of variable allowance and have stated on appointment letter. (here my question is can the staff claim the OT from us afterward??)

pls advise, thanks!!

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KL Siew
29/05/2009 08:27:03
Yes, if the allowance for OT is less than the overtime wages they should get under the law.
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