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28/05/2009 20:47:20
Re: refuse to transfer

Hi, a Q, my company wish to transfer 1 staff from Pudu (KL) branch to HQ (PJ), but the staff refuse to transfer and write us a letter stated with personal reason (need take care of children).

but we have problem is we giving not enough notice to transfer.
(we give 1 week as it should be 14days)

So, wat action can we take?
can we terminate the staff eff immediately?

beside tat, izit after 3 warning letter to a staff then we can terminate the staff immediately afterward??

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KL Siew
29/05/2009 08:22:49
1. About transfer, was there a transfer clause in the appointment letter?

2. I don't know how the warning letters were worded. Anyway, by holding a domestic inquiry first will be safer.
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29/05/2009 20:04:54
yes, mention in appointment with 14days notice.

but we r only given 7days.

pls advise tq
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KL Siew
29/05/2009 20:45:51
You do what you have to do. I rather not make any comments since I do not know the facts or intentions behind it.
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