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28/05/2009 11:19:22
Re: compensation to the ex-company

My friend "X" is from A company, and now he have the offer from B company. Due to the urgency in B company, so B company is willing to compensate the A company. But the question now is, as understanding, B company shall only compensate the basic salary only, or the total package?
The current situation now is X basic salary now is RM 2000, if include all the car allowance, claim then wil become RM 3000. B company will only compensate A company RM 2000. but now A company is charging B company RM 3000. Is there any law and regulation about this matter? So my friend can discuss it with the A company? Since now if B company is not willing to pay the RM 3000, then A company will deduct and on hold my friend salary.
Waiting and thanks for your reply
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KL Siew
28/05/2009 12:11:37
There is nothing to do with any law, it is all their own arrangement. It is very simple, if B does not want to pay the full amount then your friend will have to foot the difference. No point talking to A, A will surely not agree to reduce.
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