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renee meow
28/05/2009 09:45:55


I have been transferred from one company to another 'sister' company. The company im working is a TRAVEL AGENCY. The boss and management are d same, but only one company is under corporate and another company im transferred to is under bumiputra.

They have given me my appointment letter for the sister company and all conditions remains the same as i have worked there more than a year. the problem is now they have also prepared me a 'resign letter' stating that im resigning the 1st company (a very simple-didnt mention about the transfer or whatever). When i asked them why couldn't they just give a transfer letter, they said this is for 'record'. The auditors won't be asking a lot of questions and it's easier for pay process,socso,epf,etc..

Is this normal? should i sign the resign letter?

please help.. thanks

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KL Siew
28/05/2009 12:05:38
As the terms and conditons with the new company are the same as before and you have no problems working for the new company, I don't think the signing of the resignation letter from the old company should be of any problem.
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renee meow
28/05/2009 12:30:24

but do you think they have to have the 'resign letter'. Would you think they will manipulate it and create problem?

Is it true the company needs the 'resign' letter just to make things easier with d epf,socso,etc.. is there an 'act' regarding this matter?
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28/05/2009 17:26:35
If they give you resign letter, you may lose your years of service as such may lose those benefits that calculate based on years of service such as annual leave etc. You may even lose bonus b'coz the Com B can count you as just joined in this year. Ensure they include your years of service as well.
It is always better the transfer letter from resign letter because in case of termination its Last In First Out.
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KL Siew
28/05/2009 18:07:43
Since the boss and management are the same and the new terms and conditions are the same, do you think it is wise to refuse to resign from the old company and join the new company against the wish of the management? Suspicions aside, better know which side of the bread is buttered. Anyway, you have to decide whether you want to work for B or stay back with A and also be prepared for the possible repercussion of your action.
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