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26/05/2009 17:01:17
Re: Annual Leave Entitlement

How do I calculate my annual leave entitlement? From the date I start working for the company or from the date of my confirmation? For example, I have been working for ABC company since 1 February 2007 but have only been confirmed on 1 August 2007. My company gives 12 days of annual leave for those working for less than 2 years, and 14 days for those more than 2 years. Therefore, I am entitled to 12 or 14 days?
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KL Siew
26/05/2009 17:55:30
From the date you joined and not from date of confirmation.
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28/05/2009 21:12:04
i also on doubt in this type of problem,

izit calculate like this??

jan - fen entitle 12days
12/12*2 = 2days

march - december entitle 14days
14/12*10 = 11.67days

11.67+2 = 13.67??
haha ~~~ izit calculate like this??
or how??
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