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25/05/2009 13:51:49
Re: Confirmation Letter

When the time we come and work,admin ppl will give us a employment letter and will status the probation period.

So need to ask is that employer must issue the confirmation letter to employee once past the probation period.

What if happen if the employer no issue any confirmation letter after the staff work more then 18 month??
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KL Siew
25/05/2009 15:50:28
You may ask your employer for a confirmation letter. If it is not given, just continue working as usual. No law to say employers must give confirmation letter.
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ms wong
02/07/2009 17:07:59
i saw some case, if confirmation not important, why company do have this kind of letter? if the letter not important,why IR Dept can let company to do like this, if confirmation letter not important, can get also need to work as usual,why company need to employer ppl?not understand?
why not in labour law?mean what? cheap labour?or foregin worker?
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