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Rohaizad &
25/05/2009 10:23:12
Re: Contract Staff

My Situation:
I have been hired as a contract staff since 29/01/2009. The first contract was for 6 months. My contract was subsequently extended as below:-

1) 29/01/2007 to 28/07/2007 - 6 mnths
2) 01/08/2007 to 31/10/2007 - 3 mnths
3) 02/11/2007 to 31/01/2008 - 3 mnths
4) 01/02/2008 to 31/07/2008 - 6 mnths
5) 01/08/2008 to 31/01/2009 - 6mnths
6) 04/02/2009 to 04/02/2009 - 12 mnths

During my service at this company, my superior had several times promoted me as a permanent staff but was rejected by the HR. During the expiry of January 2009 contract, I've received e-mail from one of the HR's staff to do a medical check-up, but then they only continue my contract for another 12 months.

My Questions:
1. Is there any law to protect a contract staff like me?
2. How long / how many times can a contract being extended?
3. Is there any law for a contract staff to be absorbed as permanent staff after certain years of services?
4. What can I do to fight for my right?

Thank you
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25/05/2009 10:33:23
The last contract is from 04/02/2009 to 03/02/2010
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KL Siew
25/05/2009 13:42:41
You will protect yourself. You work if you are happy with the terms and conditions. If you are not satisfied with those terms and conditions, negotiate for better one or look for better prospects elsewhere.
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28/05/2009 09:07:32
I worked for a servicing company dealing with contract staff before. Rohaizad, in your case, as mentioned by Mr Siew, you yourself need to negotiate for better terms. Employers can extend your contract as many time as they like and I don't think there is a law to absorb a contract staff after certain years of service.
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